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How to Choose A Bike According to Age?

How to Choose A Bike According to Age? – What is the best type of bicycle according to age? Today we want to focus on the choice of the bike (static or not) according to the cyclist’s age. It is because the body has different needs depending on the moment of life in which we find ourselves.

Choosing the Best Bike According to Age

The athletes with the most obvious bicycle choice according to age are young adults. In this case, there is no need to worry about age, and the selection of bikes is purely based on the needs of the cyclist, such as the type of training, physical condition, and lifestyle.

Lifestyle is a crucial conditioning factor when choosing the right bike. An exercise bike may be the best option for those who live in places where training outside is more complicated.

On the other hand, the intensity of training is essential. Spin bikes are one of the best ways to “bring the gym home.” These bikes are more complex than conventional stationary bikes and create a genuine pedaling sensation, similar to cycling training outdoors. Thanks to spinning, it is possible to achieve high-performance training that combines resistance and strength.

But what happens in the other age ranges?

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Sports Performance in Older Cyclists and Choosing the Right Bike

Sports performance changes after a certain age. In both conventional and stationary bike users, lung capacity is reduced, and recovery capacity slows. These are some of the changes in sports performance that are experienced with age:

  • Decreased maximum pulse.
  • Slower recovery.
  • Loss of muscle mass.
  • Lower aerobic endurance.
  • Bone loss.

Despite this, adapting the training and being constant is good, not stopping an activity for long periods. For these reasons, a great option is to have a static bike at home when you go out by bike less. In addition, it should note that combining cycling with strength training (such as weights) is convenient and leading a healthy life in general.

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What is the Best Bike for Seniors?

As for the choice of bicycle, it should always base on the cyclist’s condition and needs. However, here are some general recommendations for choosing the best bike (exercise or non-exercise) for older riders.

  • Comfort. (Choose a bicycle that is not uncomfortable and with which you can have good posture to avoid injuries). It is important to remember that the handlebar is at a suitable distance from the saddle, and you do not have to stretch too much to reach it.
  • Security. Wheels that are too small are more unsafe, as stability is lost.

The bicycle can also be considered electric, depending on the person’s physical state. If we talk about exercise bikes for the elderly, the best ones are the recumbent type and the mini ones (if you have little space at home).

Bicycles for The First Years – Choose A Bike According to Age

I do not want to end this post without talking a little about bicycles for the little ones. The choice of bikes for children seems simple, but it is not so. It is always best to buy them at specialized bicycle stores. One of the big mistakes is to buy a bike of a larger size so that it lasts for many years since this often causes a lack of motivation for cycling in the child.

The first thing to know about children’s bikes is that they come in several sizes. These sizes denote by inches based on wheel size: 12 (ages 2-3), 14″ (ages 3-4), 16″ and 18″ (ages 3-6, depending on height, up to 1,30m), 20″ (up to 8 years) and 24″ (up to 11 years).

For example, the smallest bike, a starter bike, is suitable for boys and girls aged 2 to 3 years. At that age, they have an average height of between 75 and 90 cm, and the 12″ bike is ideal for them. Moreover, these bicycles have a very short distance between the frame, the handlebars, and the saddle, suitable for the size of the small cyclist. In addition, they usually have stabilizer skids and soft brakes and do not carry gears.

As we increase in size, the wheel’s radius is more significant, and the bicycle is proportional. The choice of size is calculated by age but also by height. Some 20″ and 24″ bike models can already have gears.

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