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Content Marketing Write For Us

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What We’re Looking For:

  • Case Studies: The stories of your triumphs, real-life examples, and lessons you have learned from your own Content Marketing campaigns can the platform you with your audience.
  • How-to Guides: Empower our audience by guiding them through the nitty-gritty processes of Content Marketing, with creatives, distribution and promotion.
  • Industry Insights: Talk about the current trends unique to the Content Marketing domain, technologies, and approaches that are on the rise, and that are considered to be the best practices.
  • Content Writing Tips: In exchange, teach the beginners the skills of making catchy headlines, writing persuasive copy, and putting in place content that is liked by target audience.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Relevance: Specialize in Content Marketing, including but not limited to topics such as: content strategy, content production, content channeling, promotional events, storytelling, copywriting, SEO, and analytics.
  • Accuracy: The data should be accurate and latest The given sentence kept unaltered to preserve its original context and meaning.
  • Clarity: At the same time you should write in a clear and concise manner which has no big words or technical terms as this will result in readers who have different levels of knowledge understanding what you are talking about.
  • Value: Our goal is to act as a resource, can help to build a sense of community among readers. We will share practical tips, actionable strategies, and insights they can apply to their own Content Marketing efforts as we are unwilling to give shady advice.
  • Length and Formatting: However, we do not bind ourselves to this prescribed number of words as long as the quality of the article maintained.
  • Editorial Standards: Under our watchful editorial eye, the quality of your article assessed to see if it goes in line with our writing policies.

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