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Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval Cut Engagement Rings – Oval-cut diamonds have an asymmetric and elongated shape. The oval cut gives off the brilliance of a round diamond but with a unique oval shape. Kay has a variety of oval-cut engagement ring styles that partners can choose to find their dream ring. Wear your love story with Kay’s oval-cut engagement ring. learn more

Oval cut engagement ring – Discover an oval engagement ring’s brilliance and unique style. The shape of this diamond features the same vibrant cut as an oval, round diamond, attracting attention to all hands wearing it. Oval-cut diamonds have different proportions. Some are long and thin, while others are short and wide. The oval diamond ring, set on the halo alone along a single rotating band or as an oval solitaire engagement ring, offers a beautiful style.

11 Best Oval-Cut Engagement Rings for Every Style – Oval Cut Engagement Rings

The oval is one of the most requested engagement ring center stones. It’s become more popular, with celebrities like Blake Lively and Haley Bold showing off this style. Approximately 30% of our customers are looking for oval-cut diamonds because of the size that the shape stretches fingers’ beautiful stretching effect.

The best oval-cut engagement rings feature a balanced length-to-width ratio that lengthens the fingers while providing enough width to ensure a beautiful spread that accentuates the brilliance of the diamond. The oval engagement ring is imposing in the solitaire setting. Still, it is lovely with side stones and pavement accents, especially hidden halos like Devon Winder’s custom floating oval engagement ring.

1. Whisper Thin with Oval – Oval Cut Engagement Rings

The oval-cut diamond stands out against the barely visible Whisper Thin band.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings (1)

2. Oval with Petite Pear Side Stones Engagement Ring

Pear side stones are a beautiful addition to the eye-catching oval shape.

3. The ‘Devon’ Floating Oval Engagement Ring

This unique frame is initially designed for Victoria’s Secret Devon Windsor model, which features oval-cut diamonds that “float” in an all-pave band.

4. Oval with Halo and Split Shank Engagement Ring

The pavé diamond stands out against rose gold in this oval halo design, which features a split body that doubles in brilliance.

5. Oval with Petite Tapered Baguette Side Stones

So, if you need a side stone that doesn’t distract too much from its oval shape, choose a baguette-cut diamond that blends mostly into the band.

6. Oval Halo Engagement Ring – Oval Cut Engagement Rings

A pavé diamond surrounds the oval and is framed by a band to sparkle.

7. Whisper Thin with Pave – Oval Cut Engagement Rings

More delicate, the pavé diamonds around the band add a light touch.

8. Oval with Oval Side Pebbles Engagement Ring

So, strengthening the central stone with oval side stones gives a dramatic finish for those who love oval shapes.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings (2)

9. Sapphire Oval with Side Pebbles Engagement Ring

Oval-cut sapphire is a beautiful alternative to diamonds and is timeless.

10. Oval with Epaulette Side Pebbles Engagement Ring

However, epaulet side stones extend the illusion of oval width and spread. So, add a contemporary twist to timeless solitaire with two parallel paving bands.

11. Oval Double Band Engagement Ring

Side oval pave band engagement ring

Oval-cut diamonds are often set from north to south, so this unexpected iteration from east to west requires a double take.

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