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Planet Fitness University – About, Goals, Impact, and More

Planet Fitness University

Planet Fitness University is an umbrella term for Planet Fitness’s comprehensive training and development program designed and developed in-house for use by individuals at all levels of the organization. It consists of a co-facilitator-led workshop, a competency-based leadership development program, an accredited training facility, a manager certification program, and a document management system. In addition, one of the university’s resources is the Learning Management System, commonly known throughout the system. by UFP.

Today, the core curriculum has been expanded to include more than 70 courses. As a franchising organization, we do not prescribe or impose training on franchise employees. Instead, our goal is to leverage the LMS to provide a variety of courses categorized into categories that simplify the process for learners and club leaders to identify practices that will meet their needs based on where they are on their training journey.

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General Goals Of This Planet Fitness University Program

As a growing franchise organization with more than 2,000 locations worldwide, consistency is key to maintaining brand standards across the organization, resulting in a positive experience for members and, consequently, long-term brand value. So do. Recognizing that a significant part of the member experience depends on the frontline team members of the club, PFU’s goal is to provide training resources that can be used to support and support team members from day one through Planet Fitness.

PFU’s goal is also to provide resources that enable tailored self-service training models across different franchise groups. For example, courses are structured so that team members can choose their training, club executives can integrate the system into existing onboarding and training plans, or franchise groups can create standardized learning plans for all team members.

Who We Impact With Our Program

The primary audience for most courses is the new members of the club’s frontline team. Annually, 90% of new users added to the system are entry-level member service representatives. Across the system, this population represents approximately 80% of the active user base.

The second subset of users the program reaches is club-level management. One user identifies an administrative role at the club level for about nine users in the system. This role provides users with extended functionality, including creating new users in the design, managing user accounts within the club, and reporting on the training progress of individual club member teams through a personalized admin dashboard. This dashboard provides those who need visibility into tracking team member training progress and ensuring team member training needs are being met.

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What Lessons We Have Learnt From Planet Fitness University

We have long recognized the value of PFU in educating new team members and have focused on creating a comprehensive course to support this initiative for over five years. As the product grew, so did its user base and club footprint. This growth and widespread adoption of the platform has placed PFU in a unique position to serve as an internal communication tool and re-engage existing users when brand awareness and adoption are needed. Initiative.

For example, in 2019, Planet Fitness launched a new version of its mobile app. Mobile apps are a crucial driver of company success; membership adoption of apps is key to deployment success. Recognizing that generating interest and engagement for the new app among club teams is critical to our ability to promote the app to existing members and help new members adopt the app, we develop and distribute all training materials before the app launch. Enough tracking for training to filter the system, expose team members to new application capabilities, and provide tools for members to engage in day-to-day roles.

As an organization, we have consistently taken a similarly proactive approach when educating new initiatives this year, consciously shifting from a reactive training measure to an aggressive training plan, achieving superior outcomes and adopting accordingly. We’ve learned that the more information we give our frontline team members the information they need, the more successful they are as an organization when they need it.

How Do You Measure The Success Of This Program And The ROI?

Our programs can only be successful when used by the intended learners. As a result, our team has created a dashboard that uses many vital metrics to track and monitor program participation each month since the inception of PFU to identify trends and measure program success. Over time, this dashboard has evolved as it gained knowledge and access to additional data sources such as Google Analytics and hit mapping tools.

In particular, metrics related to PFU include:

  • Total number of course completions in the month
  • Average number of course completions per club
  • Total number of active users
  • Create new users
  • Last login of active user
  • Monthly and yearly most popular courses
  • Participate in new courses

Additionally, when it comes to driver training to implement system-wide operational changes, over 90% of all initiatives were system-wide. Last year was a system-wide deployment where training was an integral part of the deployment plan. The level of engagement with the new course demonstrates a healthy need for resources that will meet learners’ and consumers’ previously unmet needs.

What Awaits Us For This Program

The program will remain successful by taking steps to understand users, anticipating and responding to learners’ needs, linking these needs with brand orientation, and actively using feedback from the franchise system to guide us through the process.

It minimizes the learning curve of employee turnover and allows you to use and explore the LMS to make your existing resources much more efficient. As we continue to grow as an organization and add to our collection of online courses, it will become a spirit for learners to quickly identify the right tools at the right time and remove too much guesswork from the curriculum. Possible.

Likewise, we will continue to expand our partnerships with individual franchise group training and development professionals, allowing them to use their resources to create individualized training plans for groups. Deliver a standardized and consistent training experience for team members within your organization through customized training plans and programs. We will also continue to develop leadership-focused training for Lead Devs. Create a comprehensive set of competency-based leadership development courses through programs within PFU.


Through this program, we have introduced a set of leadership skills that are offered in the form of courses that enable new, experienced and emerging leaders to assess current opportunities for growth and development of specific skills and select resources and micro-learning content. This will stimulate growth.

Through the development and launch of this program, we learned how to leverage the Moodle platform and our internal team’s course design skills to meet this subset of learners’ unique needs. In addition, by continuing to solicit feedback from participants in this program, we were able to measure satisfaction as a participant and track participants’ basic knowledge to measure progress in ways we couldn’t before. Technology. As the development of this program will continue over several years, this year’s early learning will help shape the future of program development.

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