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Reduce waste – Do you want to reduce your waist? Then, if you are looking for waist exercises, you have come to the right place. First, eat a diet rich in carbohydrates, processed foods, sugars, fried foods, and industrial pastries. In addition, with these exercises for the waist, you will achieve a “wasp waist,” thin and toned.

Do Exercises To Reduce The Waist – Reduce waste

Oblique abdominal exercises. The Pilates method includes a wide variety of exercises to work the waist.

How to reduce and eliminate waist fat? Eliminating localized fat in the abdomen and reducing the waist are based on several points. One of the first steps to removing fat accumulating in the waist area is to do cardio.

Aerobic exercise (cardio) is one of the keys to losing fat and weight and eliminating those extra kilos. In addition, you should work the oblique abdominals and the abdomen, mainly to tone the muscles in the area.

To reduce and eliminate localized fat in the waist, it is necessary, in addition to oblique abdominal work, to work in the frontal area (front abdominals or rectus abdominis) and the lower back, that is, the CORE. But remember that the key to reducing the waist is combining cardio, exercise, and eating a proper diet.

How To Slim The Waist? – Reduce waste

It is necessary to combine several aspects to achieve the goal of slimming the waist. These are cardio, a balanced diet, and exercises for the core.

Doing cardio is necessary to lose weight and eliminate localized fat.

  • Lots of cardio. Aerobic exercise is key to losing weight and burning fat (accumulated in the waist and other areas).
  • Healthy eating. It is unnecessary to go on a diet, just a little common sense, and not go overboard with certain foods.
  • Do exercises for obliques. The tone of the obliques is vital to define the waist. Here you have a selection of the best activities for obliques, such as the Russian twist or the side plank.

Perform exercises such as hip rotations, trunk twists, and CORE work in general of the abdominals and lower back.

The Russian twists are a great exercise to work the waist.

In addition to the above points, if you want to reduce your waist, it would also be good to avoid certain things such as the following:

  • Avoid wearing girdles or tight clothing. These garments, especially girdles worn for long periods, contribute to the loss of muscle tone in the area compressed by the dress or girdle. The idea of ​​looking slimmer is appealing but contributes to losing muscle tone. To reduce the waist, you have to do the opposite; a toned abdomen will keep “everything in its place” naturally. In addition, losing tone in the abdominal and lumbar muscles due to girdle use increases the risk of suffering from postural and back problems in the long run.

Try Cardio + ABS Routines to Lose Weight and Reduce your Waist Faster.

Waist exercise videos; Here, I leave you some videos I have selected in which the waist works. The first is a ” cardio-abdominal ” routine. This concept combines aerobic exercise with work on the waist area to burn and eliminate fat from this area, thus slimming the waist.

The video has a duration of 10 minutes of abdominal cardio. Enjoy this mini-class. Don’t make too sudden movements without warming up a bit first. Exercises like hip rotations are stretching and starting small to avoid potential injury.

If you have any doubts, consult your trainer or doctor before performing any exercise.

Abdominal Cardio For Beginners

Here you have another more affordable alternative to the previous one, suitable for beginners. This cardio routine to reduce the waist is perfect to start. It is also cardio-abdominal, lasting a quarter of an hour. Express fitness routines (15 or 30 minutes or similar) are excellent for adapting to any schedule.

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