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What Can Be Five Letter Words With No Vowels?

Five Letter Words – Many words are made up of vowels and consonants. The difference between the two is due to how the letters are pronounced. Vowel (a, e, I, o, you are also in English) is a vocal sound made with the mouth open and without the tongue touching the roof of the mouth, teeth, etc. Although, you can break the spoken sound completely or slightly block airflow through the mouth.

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5-Letter Words Without Vowels: What Are They In English?

What is a five-letter word without a vowel? As fascinating as they are, several comments in English do not contain vowels. So here are five letter words without vowels that you can add to your vocabulary. Let’s look at these interesting words and understand what they mean.

What Is A Five-Letter Word?

A five-letter word is a short word containing only five letters of the English alphabet, which typically includes the vowels a, e, i, o, and u. But, in the absence of a vowel letter, consonants considered semi-vowels are added to create a sound phonetically similar to a vowel.

What Is A Vowel?

A vowel is a syllabic speech produced by the relatively open construction of the vocal cords. So even if you get stuck in a consonant letter tile with no vowels while playing Scrabble or other word games, you can still create words using semi-vowels like W and Y. Therefore, here is a complete list of words of 5 letters without vowels.

List of 5 letter words without vowels:

  • crypt
  • cyst
  • dry
  • fly by
  • glyph
  • Gypsy
  • lymph
  • myrrh
  • nymph
  • shy
  • sylph
  • tttttt
  • Gym
  • Phpt
  • synth
  • xylyl
  • Gwynn
  • shdsl
  • Fhlmc
  • PDF

5-Letter Words Without Significant Vowels

  • Crwth: An ancient Celtic instrument comparable to the violin.
  • Cyst: Sac, vesicle or bladder that contains a liquid secretion.
  • Curtly: A joke or remark conveyed without evidence of emotion or pleasure.
  • Hover: The act or process of hovering over a specific point in spaceflight. A term mainly used when the spacecraft approaches the moon or other celestial bodies.
  • Glyph: Character, symbol, or figure engraved or cut out for recording information.
  • Gypsy: a member of an Indo-Aryan ethnic group scattered across Europe and North and South America, leading a nomadic lifestyle as a means of survival
  • Lymph: In the human body, it is a clear, But, colourless liquid that passes from the intercellular spaces of the tissues to the lymphatic system and the bloodstream.
  • Lynch: The hanging of someone for a crime, usually without trial, permission, or approval.
  • Myrrh: A sap-like resin secreted from the bark of trees, especially Commiphora abyssinica, native to Arabia and East Africa.
  • Nymph: In ancient Greek mythology and folklore, a minor deity was imagined as a beautiful maiden living in rivers and forests.
  • Psych: to mentally prepare the mind for any occasion or exam
  • Pygmies: Represents an ethnic group known in anthropology to be particularly small.
  • Timidly: in a shy manner
  • slyly: in a cunning, crafty, deceitful way

Sylph was first coined by Paracelsus, a Swiss-German physician and alchemist who considered alchemy a spiritual science. Sylph is imagined as a small female aerial spirit with insect-like wings and pointy ears.

  • Wryly: Adding humour to negative, bad, or difficult situations


However, several correct answers to a puzzle ask the user to find a five-letter word that must contain “y” except for all vowels. This challenging word game is educational and fun.

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