is an online store based in Mexico that sells various products, including beauty, stationery, and other items. The website offers unrestricted nationwide shipping on orders over 999 Mexican pesos. The store’s YouTube channel, BAKA BAKA MX, features videos related to the online shop, such as product unboxings and business ideas.

Best Beauty Products

1. Active Charcoal Body Shampoo

  • Weight: .281kg
  • Price:  $69

2. Travel Mascara:

Comfortable and practical bag container, ideal size for a trip

  • Price: $ 16.00

3. Ice Cream Lip Tint

  • Price: $22


  • Price: $ 76.00

5. Kiss of Water Cream Lotion

  • Delicious aroma that lasts on your skin.
  • Price: $ 45.00

6. BoEn Strawberry Makeup Fixative

  • Price: $ 79.00

7. Facial and Body Scrub

  •  It is mainly used to remove dirt from the deep layer of the skin.
  • Price:$ 49.00

8. Sanrio Eyelashes (1 piece) Girabella

  • Price: $ 33.00

9. Hello Kitty Matte Lipstick

  • Price: $17

Here are some Stationary Products

1. Demon Slayer Friends Notebook Agenda with clasp

  • Notebook with Magnet
  • 100 stripe sheets
  • Price: $ 130.00

2. Hello Kitty Jumbo Sanrio Palette Model B

  • A beautiful palette of super-pigmented shadows.
  • Price: $ 149.00

3. Multicolor Panda Bear Pen Kawaii Stationery

  • Pen with 10 shades of ink
  • Price: $ 25.00


  • Price: $ 10.00

5. Clear Slime My Melody Anti-stress, Transparent Slime Sanrio

  • Price: $ 55.00

6. Post-It Kit! Sanrio Kurom/MyMelody

  • Price: $ 25.00

7. Cylinder thermos with digital temperature indicator

  • Keep your drinks warm with this thermos; it has a temperature indicator for your drinks on the top.
  • Price: $ 115.00

8. Lotso Sanrio Soft Fabric Cylinder Crossbody Bag

  • Price: $99.00

9. Kuromi Sanrio School Retractable Cutter

  • Price: $ 35.00

10. Hello Kitty Jumbo Balm and Keychain

  • Price: $19.00

What type of products does offer?

Bakabaka. com. mx sells Korean cosmetics, skincare, and stationery produce.

Which Bakabaka beauty products are the most popular?’s best-selling products seem to be the following:

It is a set of 6 matte lipsticks, 4 magic lipsticks, and 4 hydrating balms based on “Basic Entrepreneurship Bundle -50 PRODUCTS-.

Besides, there is what seems to be a contest in which users can participate to stand a chance of receiving a “BAKABAKA box”, for developing cheerful, creative videos using the ‘’BAKITA’’ format.

Therefore, Bakabaka. com. It is inferred that MX’s most popular products are their entrepreneurship kits, which comprise a range of product categories that fall under beauty and personal care products, as well as their marketing and community engagement strategies in the form of contests.

What are the best-selling products in Bakabaka’s skincare category?

While doesn’t showcase a specific list of top-selling beauty items, it does offer a diverse range of cosmetics and skincare products. The site’s inventory includes lip balms, lipsticks, and comprehensive skincare sets. Notably, the website features a “TODOS VIRAL” section, highlighting trending products like makeup palettes and skincare collections currently popular among customers.

How can I participate in the Bakabaka contest?

International contest, totally free. Win and Go Viral

Earn this BAKABAKA box with just 3 easy steps.

You have to do the following:

1.- Create a video using our “BAKITA” template; make a story or a comic video. Create a creative video using all your imagination.

2.- Publish it on TikTok, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM.

You have more chances to win if you publish it in all of them.

3.- Tag us @bakabaka and use the Hashtag #bakabakamx.

The winner will be announced. invites users to create and share creative videos using their “BAKITA” template.

This appears to be Bakabaka’s current prominent promotion, encouraging user-generated content and engagement across social media platforms to win one of their product boxes.

What type of videos are most popular on Bakabaka?

The most popular videos on the YouTube channel seem to be:

  • Entertainment Content Videos: Entertainment videos such as comedy videos, challenges, and games are viral on Bakabaka’s YouTube channel. These videos are usually fun and engaging for viewers.
  • Product and test videos: Brand promotion videos, including lip balms and beauty products, also draw much attention to themselves. They enable the viewers to see the functionality of the products and how they can apply them.
  • Educational content videos: Some videos show how to do specific things, especially in beauty and personal care. Such videos can be enlightening and valuable to the viewers most of the time.
  • Viral Content Videos: Videos that have gone viral, such as “unboxing” videos or “challenge” videos, are also very popular on Bakabaka’s YouTube channel.
  • Marketing and advertising content videos: Videos that promote brand products and services are also popular. These videos are usually attractive and eye-catching for viewers.

In short, the most popular videos on the YouTube channel offer entertainment, educational, and practical marketing content.

Which Bakabaka products have the best customer reviews?

  • Thank You, Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++
  • Dot & Key Watermelon Hyaluronic Cooling Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++
  • Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid Face Wash
  • Plum Green Tea Alcohol-Free Face Toner
  • Plum 15% Vitamin C Face Serum

These products are highly rated and popular among customers for their effectiveness and quality.

What is the shipping service like?’s shipping service offers several customer-friendly features:

The company provides complimentary delivery for purchases exceeding $999 within the country. They take pride in their meticulous packaging process, using a distinctive “cajita de vaca” (cow-shaped box) to ensure products reach customers in pristine condition.

Beyond shipping, Bakabaka boasts a diverse product range, including cosmetics, skincare, accessories, and stationery. To enhance the unboxing experience, they often include special touches like stickers and other small gifts.

In essence, Bakabaka’s delivery service aims to create a personalized and delightful customer experience, emphasizing careful handling and thoughtful presentation of orders.

Conclusion is an e-commerce platform based in Mexico that offers a diverse range of products, including beauty items, stationery, and other merchandise. The website provides free nationwide shipping on orders over 999 Mexican pesos, making it accessible to customers nationwide.

The brand also maintains a YouTube channel, BAKA BAKA MX, where they share content related to their online store, such as product unboxings and business ideas.

While specific best-selling products were not identified, appears to be a one-stop shop for Mexican consumers seeking a variety of lifestyle and beauty products conveniently available through their online platform.