Have you ever wished you could go back and review every single call you’ve made or received? With the Techguest.com Call Details app, that dream becomes a reality. This powerful call log manager gives you unlimited capacity to store and organize your entire call history on your phone.

Forget your phone’s limited call log showing only the last few hundred calls. Techguest.com Call Details has no bounds – it perpetually records every incoming and outgoing call. The app automatically groups the call logs in a clean, organized manner so you can easily view and browse through months or even years of call activity.

But Techguest.com Call Details is more than just a bottomless call log storage bin. It provides an array of features that give you complete mastery over your call data.

Lightning Fast Search: Are you trying to find a specific call or quickly reviewing the history with a particular contact? The app’s supercharged search makes it a breeze. Within seconds, you can pull up the complete call log for any number or name.

In-Depth Call Analytics

This app doesn’t just compile your calls; it intelligently analyzes the data to reveal insights about your communication habits and patterns.

Would like to know the most frequently used contact person or time spent on average on each call or get details about which contacts you are interacting with most. This is done like analytics, divided into further information, components, and parts.

Caller identification

Those unknown or private numbers in your recent list or those that tend to flood your recent list will not be a mystery to you in the future. Techguest. com Call Details relies on caller ID data to avoid contact with strangers.

Export to Excel Anyway

If you like finding out the logs on the computer, you can tap it, and all your history of call logs will be exported to an Excel file. It also permits concatenation of the data, meaning how the information can be arranged, separated, and divided in a manner that the user might find most appropriate.

The main advantage that Techguest offers as a platform is found in this section. The advantage of an application like Call Details is that it places you in the driver’s seat, which corresponds to call data management and analysis.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of the app:

  • From time to time, remove unwanted call history if you need your list to look neat and if there are numbers that you frequently use.
  • The search options can be used to quickly enter more precise call inquiries by time, length, contact name, etc.
  • You should revisit your analytics now and then to gain information about your calling tendencies and relations.
  •  Mind privacy and make sure you can get this personal call data gold mine on your gadget.
  • Despite being very effective, this app has some advantages that can be seen as weak points. It is logically expected that unlimited storage of logs would consume a good deal of phone memory. It is also noteworthy that new users may find it challenging to get used to the application due to its many functions.

For those who want simple features like spam calling or block, Truecaller or Hiya may be enough. But if you want to control your call history records in the most comprehensive and versatile manner, then. Call Details is in a class of its own because it reflects the number of actual calls made by an employee during a particular time, not the number of times the employee was on the telephone system. So try it; never again will you be left wondering about those missed calls and messages.


Techguest.com Call Details is the ultimate call log companion app. It meticulously records every incoming and outgoing call, ensuring you never lose track of significant numbers or conversations. Need to find a specific call detail quickly? The app’s powerful search makes locating logs a breeze. While it comprehensively archives your call data, remember to keep your phone secure to protect your privacy. Techguest.com combines unlimited call logging, easy search, and caller ID into one indispensable package.

Here is the link to download the tool: https://softontop.com/techgues-com-call-details/download