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The Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Blog

The Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Blog – The best UK fashion lifestyle blogs sorted by traffic, social media followers, domain authority, and freshness select from thousands of blogs across the web.

The Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Blog

The Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Blog

1. Tess Montgomery – The Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Blog

London-based bloggers have created a #mindfluancing campaign on Instagram to encourage their followers to pay more attention on social media. She also launched a monthly challenge to create a more sustainable wardrobe.

Tess’s Instagram account features a striking set of images of neural tones and some of the trendiest outfits. In addition, her blog contains posts on sustainable fashion, lifestyle, skincare, and other topics.

If you’re ready to start a sustainable wardrobe, she’s the one to watch out for! She has 269,000 followers on Instagram, more than 2,000 followers on Pinterest, and more than 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

2. Monikh Dale – The Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Blog

She is currently represented by a top model management company, contributes to Who Wear, contributes to Wardrobe Icon as a beauty editor, and has her website.

Dale’s style is evident in his Instagram post featuring classic clothing with a sophisticated twist. In addition, her blog contains essays on fashion editors, sustainable clothing, and style tips.

Her Instagram has 215,000 followers.

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3. Jayde Pierce – The Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Blog

Earrings work with several fashion brands, including Asos, which has a style editing collection. His clients include Reebok, Estee Lauder, Boots, Look Fantastic, and Spotify.

Her Instagram page has many impressive photos of her dressed in the most elegant and monotonous ensemble. In addition, Pierce Her’s daily routines, fashion tips, and cosmetics descriptions can found on YouTube.

Instagram has 982,000 followers, while YouTube has 398,000 subscribers.

4. Alicia Roddy – The Style Box Uk Fashion Lifestyle Blog

Alicia Roddy, a British people fashion blogger and YouTuber is 26 years old and focuses on fashion and style.

Before being immerse in the world of fashion, she studied business administration, sales, and marketing at the College of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

Her biography on her Lodi’s Instagram says, “I wore different outfits in different places.” It is no more true given the abundance of beautiful and dazzling clothes on his page in the background of the minimalist.

He also works with Misguide to edit lookbooks and use LikeToKnowIt, a social media-based shopping service platform where he can buy products for use in specific posts.

Alicia Roddy is well known on social media and has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 78.9 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

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5. Olivia & Alice

After setting up the company, the stylish entrepreneur co-founded a blog and an Instagram page. Until then, there was another site, but it seemed reasonable to integrate the Instagram unit.

If you’re looking for trendy ideas or want to dress more creatively, we recommend checking out the Instagram feed.

6. THE 4 Of US

However, four of us are lifestyle blogs founded by three models and friends living, working, and living in London. Annabel is German, Zsanett is Hungarian, and Sara is Norwegian. You may be wondering how they got together. Since they were teenagers, all girls have worked in the modeling profession. Each has a sole story to tell and an experience to share.

However, a common interest in modeling, writing, photography, and fashion has led to collaboration on collaborative blogs.

Why is the name of the blog THE 4 OF US, but there are only three beautiful women? One of their friends intended to join them, but in the end, he had to leave London.

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