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How Does Nu Skin Facial Spa Work?

What is Nu Skin Facial Spa?

Nu Skin Facial Spa – A facial spa is a device that makes your skin look visibly younger.

Simply put, facial spas use electrical currents (also used by cosmetologists and spa treatments) to allow the active ingredients in Nu Skin products to penetrate deep into the skin and reach the epidermis.

Our skin has three main layers: the dermis, the epidermis and the subcutaneous layer. Unfortunately, when we apply skincare products with our fingers, even the best products in the world, we can only reach the outer layer, the dermis. However, with the help of technology, skin care products can penetrate the skin and reach the epidermis layer. And it’s the best way to improve elasticity and other signs of ageing.

It is interesting to note that this device modulates the current according to the thickness of the skin. This means that the strength of the galvanic current is automatically calculate, and no manual adjustment require to deliver the perfect power for optimum effectiveness in contact with the skin.

What Are The Benefits Of A Nu Skin Facial Spa?

The benefits of a face and neck facial spa include:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles, scars, blemishes and blemishes reduce.
  • Deep cleansing and hydration of the skin
  • The unified complexion and immediate radiance
  • Prevent the first signs of ageing

Is The Nu Skin Facial Spa Only Suitable For Mature Skin?

Contrary to popular belief, face spas are not only for those who are already ageing. Everyone may practice this method for proactive anti-ageing treatment.

It is never too first to start caring for your skin and preventing ageing before any signs appear!

What Goods Complement A Face Spa The Best?

This technology should not be used with other products; the new conductive gel is the only item authorize for Nu Skin Facial Spa use.

Conductive gels are inert gels use to improve contact, conduct electrical current to the Nu Skin Facial Spa, and help the device glide over the skin.

When using a standard gel with a facial spa device, the electric current does not flow and therefore does not penetrate deep into the skin.

How To Use The Galvanic Spa

It is very easy to use and each treatment goes relatively quickly, even if you don’t spend much time on beauty treatments.

The primary therapy is applied to the entire face, and there are two spa sessions of 5 minutes each, making a total of 10 minutes to complete the whole introductory therapy session.

Zone therapy is intended for a limited area of ​​the face. Each zone therapy has two spa sessions of 2 and 3 minutes, so an entire zone therapy session takes 5 minutes.

How Quickly Can I See The Benefits Of A Facial Spa?

Believe it or not, a facial spa only requires 10 minutes of treatment for immediate and visible results. When I first heard this, I couldn’t believe it either. But when I saw the before/after photos showing the lifting effect after just one use, I was surprised and convinced.

What Distinguishes The Nu Skin Facial Spa From The Galvanic Spa?

The new face spa uses comparable technologies but is a unique gadget. Nu Skin Face Spa is a cosmetic facial toning device for facial stimulation that uses galvanic spa technology (this technology is no longer marketed).


Although face beauty therapy has various subjective benefits, one-third of patients may have acute adverse effects such as erythema and oedema and delayed concerns such as dermatitis and acneiform eruption. Aside from encouraging relaxation, a regular facial has other advantages, including dramatic skin tone, texture, and look changes. Facials also enhance circulation, which improves cellular health and promotes collagen formation.

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