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Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast And Burn Calories

Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast – Most of us are impatient creatures. We want it all now. However, we know that training can be frustrating, long, slow, and even more so when the results are not immediately visible. That is why we must adequately choose the exercises that lose weight the most. Today, we’ll look at some of the best fat-loss activities that fit our goal and help us burn calories faster than anything we’ve ever tried.

How to Burn Calories Faster Than Ever?

There are many ways to blister calories fast, and today we will focus on exposing the best exercises to lose weight fast. All the calorie-burning practices below have in common: they’re great full-body workouts that challenge you from head to toe. The 700-calorie threshold is met and even exceeded by incorporating cardio and strength work.

The calories burned per workout depend on gender, age, weight, height, intensity, body fat percentage, etc. However, they all play an active role in burning. So take these numbers as a guide because there may be differences in your metabolism without any significant impact. If you want to calculate the calories burned and you do not have a tool that gives it to you explicitly, you can use the formulas from the ” Journal of Sports Science ” shown below:


Women:    [(0.074 x Age) + (0.4472 x Heart Rate) — (0.05741 x Weight) — 20.4022] x Time / 4.184 

Men:   [(0.2017 x Age) + (0.6309 x Heart Rate) — (0.09036 x Weight) — 55.0969] x Time / 4.184

Top Exercises that Lose Weight

  • Treadmill intervals: It is about giving a game to the change of speeds and inclines of your treadmill; in this way, the body does not get to adapt, and therefore, the heart rate will increase constantly. There is no single model, so you must vary to keep the pulsations between 80% and 90%.
  • Sprint uphill:  In this case, we don’t need any additional material, just a steep hill or slope (at least 100 meters of free space uphill). It is about making a sprint along the entire ascent, and once at the top, you have to perform ten repetitions of varied exercises such as jumps and turns, squats, planks, or pushups. We then run down at a leisurely pace and recover for 10 seconds before sprinting back up. Doing this for 45 minutes will be enough to say goodbye to abdominal fat.
  • Swimming is an excellent whole body workout; almost all body muscles use it, which helps us tone up. It would help if you alternated between freestyle and butterfly strokes. Just 45 minutes in the pool is enough to burn more than 800 calories.
  • Boxing training: In this case, you must stand in front of a punching bag, kicking and punching it non-stop for 2 minutes. We take a 30-second break and repeat it 11 more times. Then with the rope, we jump for 45 seconds and another 30 seconds of rest. We repeated the model 20 times, and we can be delighted with the result.
  • Sprint on a bike: Cycling is fantastic for the muscles of the legs and buttocks and improves the cardiovascular system. This training constantly increases heart rate, so a lot of energy is required, that is, calories. We should try to stay in the 15 to 20 mph range to burn around 1,000 calories/hour. Try doing 60-second sprints every couple of minutes for a different workout to get your heart rate up and push yourself to the max.

Compound Workouts:

By combining weight exercises (free weights, squats, pull-ups, or pushups with grips) and weight machines with intense cardio bouts, we do two important things. First, we burn many calories by not allowing our body a complete rest. In addition, EPOC (Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) occurs, which is an effect that our body performs at the end of the training, which allows the burning of large amounts of calories. In this way, we manage to increase muscle without sacrificing the burning of calories, two birds of an exercise of 60 minutes or even less.

  • Hit the row: A good workout with solid rowing can help us burn between 800 to 1,000 calories/hour. Remember that we must maintain a high intensity throughout the exercise. If feeling tired, we will try to resort to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which consists of holding the maximum for 30 seconds and lowering the pulse rate for 1 minute. We will repeat this cycle to ensure that the body cannot adapt to constant training and thus keep the heart rate high. Remember that it is more efficient to alternate the rhythm than to huff and puff at a high and continuous rhythm.
  • Cardio/Weight Classes:  These classes combine aerobic movements with dumbbells, barbells, or other weighted pieces. These workouts are great for exercising the entire body since we effectively work the muscles and the cardiovascular system.

So if you are looking for exercises to burn calories in a short time, you have found them. With these exercises to burn calories, you will be able to lose weight in record time.

Other Exercises to Lose Fat Fast

If you have not been convinced by what are for us the best exercises to lose weight, then we propose other exercises to lose weight fast:

Pyramid Training

This type of training allows you to exhaust a muscle group in less time instead of performing several series, resting, and repeating. It is also single of the most strange and significant primary, safe, and practical training modalities. It consists of starting with a lower weight and high repetitions, increasing the load, and decreasing the repetitions in each series. Choosing the consequences according to the number of repetitions is recommended.

For example, the weight that we will lift in the sets of 20 repetitions will be considerably less than when we do only six repetitions. It is about increasing the weight as the series progress. An increase in load between 5 and 15% is ideal, maintaining this proportion by decreasing repetitions.


This type of training consists of short sessions of 4 minutes based on explosive movements by intervals, performed for 20 seconds with eight repetitions and 10 seconds of rest between repetition and repetition. Research indicates that this routine allows you to burn 13.5 calories per minute, doubling your metabolic rate for 30 minutes afterward. You must do five times more than usual to burn the same amount of calories with a cardio workout.

Cardio Intervals

Many studies show that interval cardio training effectively improves athletic performance and increases calories burned, promotes weight loss, and achieves results in a short period. So in place of running for an hour at the same pace, alternate stretches of walking, jogging, or sprinting, thus burning more calories in less time.

It will allow you to continue burning calories after finishing your workout. If you are a beginner, it recommend walking for one minute, alternating with jogging for 30 seconds. Repeat the cycle for as extensive as you do the training, having previously warmed up and then cooled down appropriately. The exact rest time between explosive intervals can vary. So it’s best to see which combination works best based on your training goals, your current fitness level, and the type of physical activity you’re doing.

A mix of Cardio and Weights

Instead of splitting your gym workouts between cardio and weight routines, you can do both simultaneously. It is the best way to take advantage of your time in the gym without spending more than an hour. First, choose a lower body muscle group, an upper body muscle group, and abdominals, and finish with a cardio interval. An example would be to start with squats or lunges. Continue with chest presses, and complete the circuit with a short cardio break.

  • Our proposal: 15 bodyweight squats, ten pushups, 30 seconds of sit-ups, and then 30 to 60 seconds of jumping jacks or treadmill.
  • So, another alternative: 15 lunges followed by ten chest flyes, 30 seconds of plank, and between 30 and 60 seconds of running stair climber.

Training Drop-Sets

The drop-sets system consists of training with added weight,  were an average weight. It lifted initially to decrease with each series. This technique is a great way to save time when working for smaller muscle groups like biceps and triceps. Unfortunately, there is a vast oxygen deficit and hormonal response, which provides an incredible comeback in the form of “Oxygen Debt” or EPOC (acronym in English that means Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) which directly influences the burning of bleachers.

To perform this type of training correctly, each series carried out descending in load level must occur immediately after the last repetition, without resting. Without this rest, the muscle can experience muscular hypertrophy, increasing muscle volume. Therefore, it is recommended to decrease the weight by 20% after finishing the last repetition of each set. And on the final stage, drop the weight by 50% for more fat burning.


Plyometric Training

Adding explosive movements to traditional exercises burns mega calories in minimal time and helps improve muscle strength and power. Use plyometrics in your routine only after you’ve developed a good base of strength, flexible joints, and a strong core. And make sure you don’t have any balance or joint problems.

Plyometric exercises are measured in the number of times the feet touch the ground. Each movement should last between 5 and 10 seconds and consist of no more than 60-100 ground contacts. Six weeks of training tracked by two weeks off for full recovery is recommended. And no more than 2 or 3 sessions a week; otherwise, you risk overuse injuries.

Supersets – Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Superseries represent a form of training in which muscle growth is stimulated to the maximum in the shortest possible time. Saving rest times between each muscle group. Once we finish a group. We go directly to the next one without stopping: back and chest, biceps and triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings, etc. In short, it consists of performing a series of two exercises in different areas to carry them out successively, without rest. An example is dumbbell horizontal chest press, close-grip pulldowns, or dumbbell horizontal flyes combined with the seated row.

Compound Exercises – Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Compound exercises are similar to supersets. But instead of alternating between the two sets of opposing muscle groups. They perform two sets of activities for the same muscle group. Shoulder press followed by dumbbell lateral raises, for example, is a tremendous time-saving shoulder exercise. In addition, the muscles are further fatigued with each movement.

Since we are working the same muscle, we aim to encourage this muscle fatigue with successive sets. You won’t be able to lift any more weight because you’ll exhaust. So it only takes one or two groups and nothing more. Try the following sets: Overhead Shoulder Press followed by Lateral Raises; triceps extensions followed by triceps kicks; or chest press and flyes.

Giant Series – Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Performing three movements for the same muscle group without rest is a great technique known as Giant Sets. This type of series allows you to build muscle mass and eliminate body fat in a short time. The main goal of giant sets is to complete each set/exercise (recommended rep range is 12) by dropping everything before moving on to the next set/exercise. And the rest between each series/exercise should be minimal (10 seconds maximum). To make muscle grow, it is necessary to demand a level it is not use to. Incorporating this technique is just one method to accomplish this. And does resting less often mean burning more calories and losing more fat?

Combination of Two Movements in One

It is about performing two movements in the same exercise. For example, squats with shoulder presses, or lunges with a lateral raise, engage the entire body in one activity. This combination also adds a component of balance and stability, thus being a functional movement. An exercise that engages the whole body, both upper and lower, is the squat clean and press.

Performing this exercise using a sandbag with handles instead of a dumbbell is a complete exercise. Which produces an enormous metabolic effect. Notably increasing it hours later. Try to do between 12 and 15 recurrences. Marking well each of the three phases of the lift: squat, clean, and press.

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