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Routine for Beginners: Training at Home

Routine for Beginners: Training at Home – Carrying out a training routine at home is the best way to start exercising. If you have a sedentary life, a gentle full-body practice will help you work your entire body in a balanced way. Or combine a home workout on different days for each specific body area.

At first, this routine will be shorter and with fewer repetitions. And as you gain in physical form, you can expand it in intensity and time. Discover the exercise routine at home that will help you gain shape and begin to feel good about your body, also improving your health.

Previous Considerations for a Home Exercise Routine For Beginners

  1. Don’t follow a beginner home workout routine that works the same body part twice a row. Rest is key to muscle recovery and the most excellent effectiveness of training.
  2. Control your pulsations, especially if you start from a sedentary lifestyle.
  3. The exercise routine at home must cost you effort. But start by doing the short program and increasing the intensity weekly. After the first few weeks, double the series of each exercise. And weeks later, you can do three sets of each.
  4. Remember that warming up before doing a routine at home is essential to avoid injuries.
  5. Properly hydrate your body. In addition to losing fluid, you will lose mineral salts and electrolytes. So take the right amount to offset your loss. During and after training
  6. For a few seconds between sets. Of exercises or when changing from one activity to another. It is not harmful; on the contrary.

One-week Home Workout Routine for Beginners

Monday or first day, lower body – Routine for Beginners

Start by heating. To do this, do a minute of easy running on the spot followed by 40 seconds of rest and five knee jumps. Rest 15 seconds. And do another minute of easy running on the site.

It’s time to start the exercise routine at home. Start by jumping rope for 1 minute. Then, rest another minute and jump another minute.

After another minute of rest, it is time to do a minute of intense running on the spot; if you are at home, the ideal would be to have a treadmill. Then, rest for a minute, repeat another minute of running and rest for another minute.

Do a set of 10 squats. And 3 minutes of pedaling in the air, lying down. If you have a stationary or spinning bike home, you can use it instead of pedaling in the air.

Routine for Beginners_ Training at Home (1)

Tuesday or Second Day, Upper Body

Before the exercise routine at home, warm up. To do this, do a minute of easy running on the spot, another of jumping jacks, and five explosive squats. Between the different types of exercises, rest for 20 seconds.

Start your routine at home to work on your upper body. Do 15 push-ups. Rest a minute. Using dumbbells, perform a set of 15-way dumbbell curls with each arm. Rest another minute. Do ten crunches. Rest a minute. And do ten pull-ups.

Wednesday or Third Day, Lower Body

Do the same warmup as for Monday’s home workout routine.

Again on the third day, it’s time to work on the lower body. He performs squats and rests for a minute. Then do 15 burpees and rest for another minute. Next, do one minute of isometric squats and rest simultaneously. Execute 15 mountain climbers. Run 40 seconds at high intensity on the spot and relax simultaneously. And finish the routine with a series of 15 crunches.

Thursday or Fourth Day, Upper Body

Run the warmup as directed for the second day.

Do five kettlebell twists. After pausing forty seconds, do ten dumbbell bicep curls. Rest a minute. Execute a series of 10 biceps hammers, stopping after 1 minute. Perform ten lateral raises and rest for one minute. And do ten dumbbell shoulder presses in a row.

Routine for Beginners_ Training at Home (2)

Friday or Fifth Day, Rest With Active Recovery

After the routine at home the day before, the rest day arrives. On this day, do not do any exercise routine at home. But yes, an active recovery. It is a very dull routine, similar to a long warmup.

To do this, perform 2 minutes of easy running on the spot for one minute and continue with easy running on the site for two more minutes. Then, do a minute of knees to the chest. Rest one minute and repeat resting another minute. And do eight explosive push-ups.

Saturday or Sixth Day, Whole Body Routine at Home

Again start heating. The best thing is that you repeat the warmup of the first day but now add five explosive squats.

The fifth day of the home exercise routine is more complete. It includes exercises to work the lower body and activities for the upper body. Perform a minute of intense running on the spot. Rest a minute.  Do two sets of 1-minute jump ropes at medium intensity, each followed by forty seconds of rest. Do ten dumbbell curls after the break. Stop for one minute and do 15 push-ups. Rest one more minute. Do five kettlebell raises. And 5 Russian squats with each leg

Sunday or Seventh Day, Active Recovery

Perform the same training routine at home as the day before for active recovery.

As you can see, this home exercise routine consists of four different parts.

  • The one corresponding to days 1 and 3 is a routine to work the lower body.
  • On days 2 and 4, the upper body work.
  • Day 6 corresponds to a whole body routine at home.
  • Days 5 and 7 so depict active recovery.

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