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Which is Best Cross-Fitness Bikes ?

Cross-Fitness Bikes, What are They, and Which are the Best? – Recently, cross-fitness has become one of the most fashionable disciplines with the most followers regarding physical exercise. Cross-fitness consists of activities and functional movements performed at high intensity. Making it one of the most complete and effective workouts. So much so that this training is practiced by amateur athletes and by military, police, and fire departments to gain muscle mass and resistance and

Of all the equipment needed to practice cross-training, you may have been struck by a peculiar bicycle in your training center. They are the cross-fitness bicycles or air bikes, with which the general public is unfamiliar since it is a relatively recent novelty within the sector. So you still don’t know them? Well, you’re lucky since we’ll discuss them in today’s post!

What are cross-Fitness Bikes or Airbikes?

Cross-fitness or air bikes are stationary bikes that replace the wheels with a powerful fan located at the front of the bike. In addition. It has a handlebar with dumbbells, similar to that of elliptical bikes, which turns the air bike into a mix of exercise bikes, oval, and rowing machines. With this, we will be able to work the body remarkably, both the upper and lower body -the main characteristic that distinguishes it from conventional stationary bicycles-achieving great effectiveness in cardiovascular work, fat burning, and even in mass gain. Muscular.

The design of cross-training bikes or air bikes is designed so as not to need resistance adjustments or parameter settings since the work of these innovative exercise bikes is based on the air resistance we generate. Thanks to the aerodynamic system incorporated in the front part. We will regulate the intensity according to the force we pedal. The more power we apply, the more resistance generated and the harder it will be to pedal. Thus, we will adjust the intensity according to our own pedaling. So the air bike adapts to the level of each user.


Although it is not essential. Carrying out a test before using these bicycles is recommended to measure the effort capacity at which we can exercise without suffering heart or lung problems. Consult your functional training instructor, personal trainer or a qualified physical activity professional if in doubt.

Benefits of Cross-Fitness Bikes or Airbikes

Benefits of Cross-Fitness Bikes or Airbikes

Some of the benefits offered by cross-fitness bikes or air bikes are the following:

  • As we have already mentioned, they are a great ally in working the cardiovascular system.
  • With them, we will not only have the opportunity to work the cardiovascular system. But we can also exercise strength and hypertrophy, depending on the intensity at which we work.
  • They are ideal for functional training circuits and high intensity interval training HIIT.
  • They adapt to the physical condition of each user thanks to their adjustable intensity.
  • They allow both short-term, high-intensity work and low-intensity, high-duration work.
  • Being an exercise bike, the impact we suffer when exercising is low; therefore, we run less risk of injuring ourselves.
  • Several studies relate cardiovascular work in general and cycling in particular with a greater capacity of the immune system and lower levels of fat and cholesterol.

What are the Best Air bikes on the Market?

Air Bike Pro Titanium Strength

However, in today’s article, we want to mention and highlight an air bike that we found very interesting. It is the Titanium Strength Air Bike Pro. This marvel has been designed by functional fitness experts considering the comments, opinions, and feedback of various club and gym owners, personal trainers, and training centers. With unbeatable value for money, this cross-fitness bike or air bike is the latest to appear on the market.

At the moment. GYM Company -specialists in fitness and synonymous with a guarantee with a proven reputation- offers it at a discount price of € 695.00. A tough offer to refuse for all those lovers of Cross-Fitness and sports in general who want to set up their small training center at home. Among its features, its robustness and ease of assembly and configuration stand out, as well as a very affordable price. If you are thinking of getting one. We guarantee that the Titanium Strength Air Bike Pro is an excellent option that will meet your expectations as far as an air bike is concerned.

Assault Air Bike Classic

There is a wide variety of air bikes on the market. One of the most general is the Assault Air Bike. Made of durable materials of the highest quality. The opinions of countless users endorse it as a product with plenty of guarantees. Gym Company offers it for €949, an exciting offer considering the €1,195 it initially cost.

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