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Business Development Representative Salary Job Description


Business Development: Lars Nilsson, Vice President of Global Sales Development at Snowflake and former Sales Executive at Hewlett Packard and Cloudera, said:

Offers usually begin by introducing your brand to your target market and identifying potential customers. This early stage, called lead generation, is followed by a development phase to facilitate customer conversions.

Traditionally, one salesperson managed all stages of the sales funnel. However, there is a division of responsibilities to keep up with today’s evolving sales situation. Lead generation is becoming increasingly resource intensive as viewers accept brand research digitally through their touchpoints and personal networks. As a result, this task is the sole focus of business developers, who are professional experts at the top of the goal-achieving process.

What Is a Business Development Representative?

What Is a Business Development Representative

Business developers (BDRs) extend your organization’s reach by creating new business opportunities. They strategically identify and contact promising prospects by combining market research, networking, and outreach. Business developers schedule meetings between qualified leads and sales reps and move lead to the sales pipeline.

Business developers focus on the top activities of the goal-achieving process and use exit strategies to generate leads: leverage industry experience and subject knowledge to diagnose potential customer issues and communicate the solution’s value. In addition, BDR strategically contacts decision makers in the target account and adjusts their outreach strategy to the desired contact’s job title, department, and seniority.

For business developers, the success metric revolves around the number of reserved discoveries her meetings, the number of qualified leads, or the annual fee associated with the percentage of revenue related to lead generation activities.

What Does a Business Development Representative Do?

Business developers identify potential customers that match the buyer persona assembled by the marketing team. Like user personas, buyer personas are semi-fictitious research-based profiles that summarize target users’ goals, needs, backgrounds, and attitudes. Once a business developer identifies a high-value lead, he finds the relevant decision maker associated with her target account and evaluates that lead.

Charges are typically assessed through phone, email, networking events, or social media channels. Business developers use leader qualifications to assess prospects’ needs and determine whether their product solutions drive prospects’ business goals. This process requires business developers to initiate open dialogue with options to understand better their goals, challenges, concerns, and constraints. BDR can also evaluate leads using lead qualification frameworks such as BANT (budget, authority, need, and time). Promising prospects with real potential pass on to sales reps for development and conversion.

Biz Dev representatives also use market research to keep up with competitors’ activities, industry trends, and new sales opportunities. Business developers monitor competitors’ strategies and products, target market behavior, monitor changing industry trends, and identify new prospects. It also adapts lead generation tactics as the market changes.

BDR vs. SDR: What Is the Difference?

The responsibilities of business developers are different from those of sales developers, but the two roles can be confused. Some companies use these positions interchangeably, or he groups these positions within a single sales team. BDR and SDR are responsible for promoting sales, but their role within the sales funnel is unique.

Sales developers create business opportunities by identifying potential customers. Meanwhile, business developers use her outreach tactics to extend the company’s reach. Business developers typically prepare prospects for inexperienced salespeople who need to hone their prospect evaluation skills. The BDR is responsible for generating leads, and the SDR is accountable for developing promising leaders and facilitating opportunities.

Business Development Representative Salary

Glassdoor reports an average base salary for business development personnel of $50,000, while Indeed reports an average base salary of $63,243 with an average additional commission of $12,500. Commission payments supplement base salaries and are often part of the gross income generated by business development personnel. Sales-related positions constantly have a 60:40 salary/commission ratio, with 60% of total compensation fixed and 40% variable based on closed deals.

The compensation varies by organization, industry, and geographic location. Here’s what a business developer can expect to earn:

Entry-Level Salary

Indeed, reports an average salary of $ 53,020 for representatives of entry-level positions. PayScale reports that the average compensation for a newcomer with less than a year of experience is $ 44,328, but an average of her one-year to four-year early career personnel. Earn her $ 47,328 in.

Mid-Level Salary

Glassdoor reports that the median base salary for mid-level BDRs is $56,341, 50% of whom have 2-4 years of experience. However, PayScale stats are a bit low, with BDR reporting that from 5 years, he earns $52,211 in total earnings on average, with nine years of experience.

Senior-Level Salary

Glassdoor reports that the average base salary for senior business development personnel is $65,220 and $73,641 for senior business development personnel. PayScale reports that the average gross compensation for experienced business development personnel is $61,315.


A Business Development Representative in the technology sector will help to grow the client base by employing cutting-edge technologies and platforms to identify and cultivate new business prospects. Their responsibilities include researching markets, outbound prospecting, qualifying leads, and educating prospects about the company’s offerings. They will also collaborate with the sales team to manage qualified leads and keep records. A bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, or a related field is necessary, as well as prior experience in sales, business development, or customer service.

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