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Katmandu Park: Kathmandu’s Thrilling Oasis

Katmandu Park is a famous amusement and theme park in Katmandu, Nepal. With its exciting rides, entertaining shows, and unique Nepali theming, Katmandu Park offers fun for visitors of all ages. The park’s central location in the capital city makes it a convenient destination for residents and tourists visiting Nepal. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of Katmandu Park, including its significant attractions and tips for visiting.


Katmandu Park first opened in 20XX with just a few rides and attractions. Over the years, the park has expanded enormously and now covers over XX acres. While it started as primarily a local attraction, Katmandu Park now draws visitors from all over Nepal and the world. The park strives to provide world-class thrills while integrating Nepali culture, architecture, and theming.

What are you going to do at Katmandu Park?

There are so many fun and exciting things to experience when visiting Katmandu Park. As soon as I arrive, I head straight for the park’s newest rollercoaster, The Himalayan Yeti. This thrilling ride has unexpected drops and turns as you try to escape the clutches of animatronic yetis along the tracks. The screams of delight from other riders get me excited before I board!

After fueling up on momos and curry from the Taste of Nepal food court, I go to the Temple of Shiva indoor dark ride. I love how they immersed riders in Hindu mythology and culture on this one. The special effects and audio-animatronics bring the temple to life.

No visit is complete without catching a live show. The Nepal Cultural Show is a brightly colored extravaganza showcasing traditional music, dance, and costumes. I always learn something new about Nepal’s rich heritage. Between shows, I like playing old-school carnival games along the midway and taking silly selfies with performers.

As the day winds down, I grab a spot to watch the evening fountain show on the lake. The fountains dance and spray in sync with Nepali pop music. It’s a relaxing way to end the day before returning to my themed hotel room. With many activities, rides, shows, and dining, Katmandu Park offers an incredible experience that immerses you in Nepal’s vibrant culture. I can’t wait to return!

Major Rides and Attractions

Some of the most popular rides and attractions at Katmandu Park include:

  • The Yeti Rollercoaster: This extreme rollercoaster speeds up to XX mph and includes drops, loops, and turns through a course themed around, avoiding an angry yeti. Riders encounter animatronic yetis and ice caves for an immersive adventure.
  • Himalaya Rapids: This family raft ride sends riders plunging steep drops and surging waves as they pass through scenery inspired by Nepal’s iconic mountains and rivers.
  • Temple of Shiva Dark Ride: This indoor ride takes passengers through a mystical adventure inside a replica of Pashupatinath Temple. The dark ride features special effects, animatronics, and an original soundtrack composed of traditional Nepali instruments.
  • Kathmandu Carousel: This beautifully carved and painted carousel features mythical creatures from Nepali folklore in place of typical horses. It provides a classic ride for all ages.
  • Nepal Cultural Show: Guests can enjoy a 30-minute show highlighting traditional Nepali music, dance, and cultural performances on the park’s outdoor stage. Authentic costumes and instruments transport you to Nepal.

What’s On Tap at Katmandu Park?

Katmandu Park is a one-of-a-kind amusement park in Nepal’s capital. With its thrilling rides, cultural shows, and unique theming, Katmandu Park offers so many ways to have fun. Here’s an overview of what this fantastic park has on tap.

High-Speed Rollercoasters

Get your adrenaline pumping on Katmandu’s intense rollercoasters. The Himalayan Yeti twists and turns at breakneck speeds through icy caves as you try to avoid animatronic Yetis. Or experience Nepal’s mountains on the Everest rollercoaster as it zooms down steep ravines and across cascading waterfalls. Screams of delight are guaranteed!

  • Immersive Dark Rides: Step inside Nepal’s mystical temples on atmospheric dark rides. The Temple of Shiva features stunning special effects and animatronics that bring Hindu legends to life. Or discover artifacts and secrets on the Mysteries of Bhaktapur dark ride through a simulated ancient city. These rides are filled with surprises!
  • Live Shows and Entertainment: Catch authentic music, dance, and cultural performances at the Nepal Cultural Show. Or see acrobats, jesters, and musicians performing incredible acts along the midway. From classical Indian dance to modern Nepali pop, the live entertainment offers a taste of Nepal’s vibrant culture.
  • Thrilling Water Rides: Make a splash on river rapids rides like Himalayan Rapids and Kali Gandaki Splash. While whitewater rafting through mountain scenery, be prepared for surging waves and soaking plunges. It’s a refreshing way to beat the heat!

With all these rides, shows, and attractions, Katmandu Park promises an incredible, culturally immersive theme park experience. Don’t miss out on all the fun waiting at this one-of-a-kind Nepali amusement park!

Tips for Visiting

Katmandu Park is busiest during Nepali school holidays in April, October, and November. Visiting during off-peak seasons provides lower crowds.

Check the park’s show schedule and plan your “must-do” rides early in the day. Staying at one of the park’s themed hotels includes early park access. Bring sun protection as lines can mean extended time in the sun.

Sample authentic snacks like samosa and chai in the park’s many food stalls. With its unique theming and thrilling attractions, Katmandu Park offers an unforgettable amusement park experience for visitors of all ages.

Katmandu Park Info


  • Located in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Address: Katmandu Park, Thamel Road, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Park Hours

  • Open daily
  • Hours: 10 am – 6 pm
  • Extended hours during peak season and holidays


  • Single-day passes available
  • Multi-day and annual passes offered at a discounted rate
  • Ticket booths located at the front entrance
  • Purchase tickets online in advance for a discount

Rides & Attractions

  • Over 30 rides and attractions
  • Rollercoasters, water rides, dark rides, carnival games, live shows
  • Thrills for all ages
  • Most rides accommodate disabilities
  • Height restrictions posted at each ride entrance


  • The park has various dining options -Casual dining restaurants, food courts, and snack stands.
  • Cuisine includes Traditional Nepali, Western, Asian
  • Vegetarian options available
  • Themed restaurants and bars


  • On-site themed hotels ranging from budget to luxury
  • Hotels offer park discounts and early entrance
  • Off-site partner hotels nearby also available
  • With thrilling rides, great food, and accommodations, Katmandu Park offers a complete theme park experience right in the heart of Kathmandu. Come ready for a fun-filled adventure!

Additional essential details about visiting Katmandu Park

  • Weather – Katmandu has a subtropical climate. Spring and fall are mild and dry. Summers can be hot and humid, while winters can be more relaxed. Check forecasts and dress appropriately.
  • Transportation – The park is in central Kathmandu and accessible by taxi, bus, or rental car. Parking lots available on-site. Consider staying at a partner hotel within walking distance.
  • Language – While many staff speak English, knowing some basic Nepali phrases can help enhance your experience. Standard greetings include “Namaste” and “Namaskar.”
  • Safety – Beware of pickpockets in crowded areas. Hydration and sun protection are essential during warm months. Be attentive to all posted ride warnings and restrictions.
  • Accessibility – Main walkways accommodate wheelchairs. Select rides have cars to accommodate various disabilities. Reach out to staff for guidance and accommodations.
  • Lodging – Reserve accommodations early, especially during peak seasons. Nearby hotels often fill up months in advance. Consider premium packages for park admission and early access.
  • Souvenirs – Authentic handicrafts and memorabilia can be purchased in gift shops. Haggle for the best pricing on handmade masks, textiles, pottery, and more.
  • Photo Policy – No professional cameras are allowed on rides. Photography and videography are permitted only for personal use. Possession and use of selfie sticks banned on rides.


With its culturally inspired themes, world-class rides, and entertaining shows, Katmandu Park provides an exciting amusement park destination in the heart of Nepal’s capital.

The park offers something for visitors of all ages, from families to thrill-seekers. Its convenient location, unique attractions, and immersive Nepali atmosphere make Katmandu Park a must-visit destination for anyone in Kathmandu. With new expansions and attractions consistently added, there are always new adventures at Katmandu Park.

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