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Know Which Side Is Better To Sleep For Different Conditions

Sleep – For most healthy people, sleeping on either side will not affect overall health. However, certain sleeping positions may be better for pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions.

The Best Side For General Health

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleeping on your back is healthier, but only 8% of people sleep in this position.

They note that sleeping on your back reduces pressure and pain in this area by keeping your neck and spine in a neutral position.

Sleeping on your back is also the safest position for infants and infants. Babies who sleep on their spines are less likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

However, as discussed below, sleeping on your back can sometimes risk a person’s health.

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Sleep Directions for Different Conditions

Pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions may benefit from certain sleeping positions.


In early pregnancy, sleeping in the most comfortable position is generally safe. In later stages, women may find side sleeping helpful.

Sleep Next Door

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus may be safer if the mother sleeps on her side. Sleeping on your back during this time can put excessive pressure on the blood vessels that supply the uterus, reducing the oxygen supply to the fetus.

Pregnant women who lie on their side can worsen existing pain. Placing a pillow or two between your knees to keep your legs bent can help, and a pregnancy body pillow can provide more support.

Sleep On The Left

Sleeping on your left side during pregnancy can maximize blood flow to your baby and reduce pressure on the liver. This is especially important later in pregnancy, especially for women who develop cholestatic liver disease due to pregnancy.

A single study, Trusted Source, also found that sleeping on the left side during the last night of pregnancy reduced the risk of stillbirth. However, subsequent studies have not come to this conclusion.

Cold Or Upper Respiratory Infection

Symptoms of a cold or upper respiratory infection tend to get worse at night. This is due to the buildup of mucus in the sinuses and throat when a person lies down. Sleeping with your head elevated can help relieve associated symptoms, such as a stuffy nose.

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Sleep With Your Head Held High

Elevating your head can help drain your sinuses and prevent nasal blockages and headaches. It effectively supports two or more pillows under your head before sleeping.

People with sleep apnea or prone to snoring should avoid sleeping on their backs, especially if they have a cold. This is because the tongue can partially block the airflow, aggravating breathing difficulties. Try different positions to find a comfortable position.

Stomach Problems

Depending on your specific health condition, this may be the best sleeping position for people with gastrointestinal issues.

Sleep On Your Stomach Or Your Side

If a person is infected with a gastrointestinal virus and vomits frequently, the risk of choking from vomiting at night is very low.

To reduce this risk, sleep on your stomach or your side. A person can have pillows to avoid rolling onto their back at night.

Sleeping On Your Back Or Your Side

Sleeping on your back can be helpful for people with reflux esophagitis at night.

Keeping your head up in this position will help prevent stomach acid from seeping into your oesophagus. The goal is to keep the oesophagus higher than the stomach.

Heart Disease

There is little evidence that any sleeping position is best for the heart. However, a reliable American Heart Association (AHA) source reports that lack of sleep can affect heart health over time.

One condition that can interfere with a good night’s sleep is sleep apnea.


In conclusion, the direction of your head when sleeping can influence your total sleep quality and other aspects since it directly impacts your health and mind. According to Vastu specialists, the ideal orientation for sleeping is the south, followed by the east. If suitable, West can be regarded as the third alternative. However, never contemplate sleeping in the north.

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