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All About 12th Gen Intel Laptop – About, Good For, and More

Intel 12th Gen Laptop

Intel 12th Gen Laptop – Intel’s 12th generation laptop models represent the latest line of laptops powered by Intel processors. The 12th generation processors, codenamed Alder Lake, are used in the newest gaming laptops, creative laptops and workstations. We’ve chosen these blue team laptops to cover a variety of niche markets, so take a look below. Many Alder Lake laptops haven’t been released yet, and there are a lot of low-budget 12th-gen computers out there, but we’ll be updating this page with the latest releases over the next few months.

Are 12th Gen Intel Laptops Good for Gaming?

Regarding the gaming presentation of the CPU, the most critical factor is single-core performance, and 12th-gen laptops perform well. The single-core performance of the Alder Lake processors is currently unmatched and generally significantly outperforms the closest AMD 6000 notebook processor in this area. So as long as you buy a CPU SKU high enough to meet the requirements of the type of game you’re playing on the 12th gen series, your laptop will run fine.

Are 12th Gen Intel Laptops Good for Creators?

12th Gen Intel laptops are often the best laptops for creative applications. For most (but not all) software creative professionals use, multi-core performance tends to be the driving force. Until the release of the 12th Gen processors, AMD processors dominated this area and were often the best choice for creatives. However, Alder Lake CPUs surprised everyone by performing at least as much as AMD CPUs in many multi-core scenarios. AMD CPUs still offer slightly better performance in some specific software, but for the most part, 12th Gen Intel laptops do at least that, often better. Please read the Things to Consider Before Buying a 12th Gen Intel Laptop section below for more information.

What To Consider Before Buying A 12th Gen Intel Laptop?

The MSI Vector GP66 has various charging options. Still, the best choice for competitive gamers comes with an ultra-fast 1080p 360Hz display, so you get the most efficient FPS viewing experience possible on any laptop. In addition, the display response time is also one of the best you’ll find in any gaming laptop. This means there is minimal ghosting in fast games, even at this refresh rate.

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12th Gen Intel P and E Cores

Alder Lake processors have a significant and minor architecture, which means that 12th Gen Intel processors have two distinct types of cores: P-cores or performance cores (larger cores) and P-cores. E or efficiency heart (small ones). P cores have two threads per core, whereas E cores typically only have one line each.

P-cores are more powerful and can handle many processing tasks (e.g. games), while E-cores are smaller, easier and faster to manage processes that P-cores do well. This structure is advantageous because electronic cores are more energy efficient and occupy less silicon space. In addition, the architecture around the body is designed to allocate work to the heart that is best suited for processing.

Battery Performance

The downside of all the performance Alder Lake processors offer is the system’s power consumption, which is especially noticeable on laptops. AMD’s efficiency boosts, especially with the Ryzen 6000 series, make laptops last several hours longer than Intel laptops and can perform better even in battery-only games. Most 12th Gen Intel laptops perform better in-game when plugged into an outlet.


“Generation” denotes the age of the CPU. For example, Intel is 7th generation (model number 7xxx). Each generation is designed to be more energy efficient and generate less heat. So 7th Gen laptops will be much thinner than 4th Gen.

With the launch of the 12th Gen Intel Core processors, Intel claims to have killed a competitor. After lagging behind AMD for a few years, Intel has once again become the number one processor maker. But the big query is how long he will stay at number one.

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