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Dell Defends Its Controversial New Laptop Memory

Dell Defends Its Controversial New Laptop Memory – If you’re curious about the news that Dell is pushing its memory standards, take a pill and relax. Dell’s new memory design isn’t handy and helps save on high-performance laptops.

The controversy began last week when an image of Dell’s new CAMM, or compressed connection memory module, leaked. With this, ten tech sites immediately said Dell was on the road to blocking user upgrades and warned nino enthusiasts who wanted to upgrade their memory. But, unfortunately, they weren’t out of luck.

However, in an interview with PC World, except for the developer who designed and patented the CAMM standard and the product manager of the first Dell Precision laptop that made it available, the purpose of the new memory module standard is to come. Take advantage of the bandwidth’s width. Today’s SO-DIMM-designed ceiling. They say Dell’s CAMM can significantly improve performance and reliability, support user upgrades, and reduce costs.

Not Proprietary

But most of last week’s Internet demand responded that CAMM is monopolistic. It is often seen as a way to get people to buy upgrades from only one company. Dell officials claim it doesn’t matter.

Well-known engineer Tom Schnell states that the computer industry has high-quality design capabilities. We believe it. We set our standards for our products. If you didn’t keep it tidy, it’s the following industry standard.

Schnell said Dell does not manufacture modules and works on this using memory and Intel. So if I have a laptop with a CAMM, can I buy RAM from a third party and install it on my computer? Yes. I’m not saying that Dell is probably the only CAMM update available. Still, it should make a standard different from the standard and change it to become a practical option for other manufacturers. The new memory modules, like traditional SO-DIMMs, are built with essential DRAM.

Not Proprietary

Dell pointed out that the laptop isn’t entirely exclusive. The first Precision workstations shipped with CAMMs will eventually deliver in traditional SO-DIMMs via a PC. Mano Gialusis, Product Manager for Precision Workstations, said the interposer option is also included in the CAMM mount.

It is not the company’s new CAMM design but a “Stunden Network” system that can use on precision workstations for those who want to buy a laptop with So-DIMMs.

Dell – Dell Defends Its Controversial New Laptop

As CAMM becomes a reality, Dell’s next step is to hand it over to JEDEC, a memory standards body, and let others bring it.

What can you do with the standard from scratch? According to Schnell, once a standard proves to work, it’s much easier to create a standard than trying to do anything else.

 Dell Defends Its Controversial New Laptop

Dell is the patentee of CAMM design, and royalties can occur, but the company says it’s too early to talk about royalties. When a typical laptop is built, the first of these computers are licensed computers. The last thing Dell points out to alleviate concerns is that JEDEC does not need to know that the criteria it meets are based on rational and non-discretionary terms. That is, if the license is not anti-competitive, not affordable, and can discriminate against the enterprise, then you cannot advance the standard through JEDEC.

It is a 32GB module. The golden section is where the module press against the connector.


Here’s Why Is Camm is Needed.

Why continue it in the case of emergency medical care? Dells Schnell said SO-DIMMs, or small outline dual inline memory modules, are almost certainly based on an integrated generation structure. First introduced a few years ago, 25 years ago, SO-DIMMs haven’t changed much during this time. But they’re switching to a newer, faster DRAM system.

Many SO-DIMM problems are due to the relatively complex design of long cables or tracks that require the CPU to connect to the RAM module. It is the path the line uses to run the CPU in a quad SO-DIMM design. Dell’s CAMM design shown in the lower right has significantly reduced this distance. As you know, the shorter the cable distance required, the less power and the faster possible speeds. The distance between the CPU and the CAMM can be 1.5 inches. In some situations, these devices can be as thick as 3 inches.

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