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All You Need To Know About Yamaha Thr10

Yamaha Thr10 is loaded with essential amp tones and onboard effects

Yamaha Thr10 created the Thr10 to combine sound and effects creatively. Choose from 15 amp models. You can even hook up a bass or electro-acoustic guitar, and some setups bypass modelling entirely. The Yamaha Thr10’s modulation effect works on the second knob, and echo and reverb work on the third knob. The result is an amplification platform full of impact and timbre combinations. And thanks to Yamaha’s virtual circuit modelling, the Thr10 emulates every amp and effects model component. Sweetwater guitarists praise the Yamaha Thr10. This provides a very realistic sound and feel.

Yamaha Thr10 Desktop Guitar Amplifier

Yamaha Thr10 is the best choice for all the guitarists who look for a chromatic tuner, clean and crunch amplifier and modern microphone stimulation. It has all the required amp types like Modern, Flat, Bass, Crunch, Clean and Lead.  Moreover, it is an excellent additional AUX that enables players to play along with an MP3 player. It is essential to find a perfect tone in the musical journey where boutique pedals, custom cables, swapping out speakers and trying out various tunes leads us to new creative paths.

The Thr10 has an innovative design and flexible amplifiers, which play an integral role in the sonic journey of music. It complements the unique configurations of most of your guitar performances. The enclosures fit in a mix and perfectly adjust to your living room.


  • Chorus
  • Flinger
  • Phaser
  • Tremolo
  • Delay
  • Delay/Reverb
  • Spring Reverb
  • Hall Reverb
  • Compressor (Thr Editor)
  • Noise Gate (Thr Editor)

Product Description:

  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Model Number: Thr10
  • Chromatic Tuner: Yes
  • Speakers: 8cm (Full Range x 2)
  • Item Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Product Dimensions: 43.3 x 23.2 x 25.6 cm
  • Voltage: 100 Volts
  • Speaker Count: 2
  • Audio Wattage: 10
  • Rated Output: 10W (5W + 5W)
  • Power Source: AC Adaptor- EADP-38EB A and UIB345-1530
  • Power Source Battery: AA alkaline batteries (6 hours)
  • Batteries: Nickel-hydride batteries (7 hours)
  • Accessories: AC Adapter, USB and Stereo Mini Cable, Manual, Cube base of AI DVD-ROM

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How Yamaha Thr10 Is King Of Desktop Amps?

The Yamaha Thr10 was released in 2013, making it older than most people think. Of course, there have been improvements over the years with Bluetooth connectivity, but it’s essentially the same great amp as it was back then.

So, why did it take nearly a decade for this tremendous little desktop amp to gain the cult it currently enjoys? Perhaps it’s because these amplifiers are often unduly slandered as toys or because they’re good to have but can’t do their job. As we’ve learned since then, desktop amps are a versatile piece of equipment that shouldn’t sleep, but what about the current-generation Thr10? Continue reading as we find out.

Who is it for?

The Yamaha Thr10 is an excellent desktop combo amp that works for guitarists of all skill levels. Of course, your specific applications may change as your abilities improve, but we’ve got something for everyone. If you’re starting and this amp will be your only amp, it’s still a fantastic choice. Sufficient volume and built-in effects, and sound quality are excellent. Advanced players will appreciate the amplifier modelling and computer interface capabilities.

Appearance / Features / Controls

The Thr10 shares a design with its younger brother, the Thr5, and as we pointed out in a recent review of this amplifier, we couldn’t like it more than this. Because it feels close to Art Deco, it gives the impression of a high-end speaker rather than a conventional amplifier, adding to its charm. Again, like the smaller version, there is an orange tube glow behind the grill. Of course, this doesn’t add anything to the sound, but it does add a nice element.

Being a modeling amp, there are several amp voices to choose from. What we liked was that the Thr10 added additional presets instead of using the same voice as the Thr5, an improvement over the smaller version. Modelled voicing includes modern, brit, lead, crunch, clean, bass, acoustic and flat tunings.

There are two FX dials. One can be set to Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Trem or Echo, while the other dial controls delay and reverb parameters, including delay, delay/reverb, spring reverb and hall effect reverb. Being able to change presets in the companion app is a nice feature, but considering the price of this amp, I wanted to see more onboard effects.

Equipped with a pair of high-quality 3-inch speakers, it features a USB interface and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream accompaniment tracks for playback together wirelessly.

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The first thing I wanted to check with the Thr10 was the overall quality of each multi-volume voicing. We started with a clean setup to feel the sound quality without digital intervention. We really liked this vocal. It was crisp and bright, perfect for everything from practice to recording via DAW.

The British setting was. Marshall-inspired vocals. It produced an aggressive barking when pressed hard but was never disturbed even when played at low volumes.

The crunch was another great voice. Again, we got the most authentic tube tones we’ve ever heard from any modeling amp, and because they’re digitally crafted, we were able to keep those tones throughout the volume range.

We actually found that lead vocals were much better on the Thr10 than on the Thr5. But, again, it could be because of the increased horsepower, or it could be modelled slightly differently. Either way, we got the parting we were looking for with enough texture to keep the exciting tones without compromising the sharpness we wanted in the master settings.

Final Thoughts on Yamaha Thr10

The Yamaha Thr10 is a great desktop amp with sound quality and unbelievable features for its size and price. This is a high-quality amplifier with a beautiful design and excellent build quality. Not entirely unexpected from Yamaha, but appreciated nonetheless. Whether you’re looking for something that works as a bedroom volume practice amp, something a little bigger for an instant jam with friends, or something that can be used as a stereo speaker for music via phone or MP3, this is a great choice.

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