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Everything You Should Know About 425 Fitness Redmond

425 Fitness Redmond

425 Fitness – I have now been a member of 425 Fitness for nearly a year and visit on average 3-4 times per week, so I feel I can give a credible and experience-based review.  I joined 425 Fitness when I resigned from Microsoft, thereby losing my company-provided ProClub membership, and decided I could not justify ProClub’s exorbitant monthly dues.
I have had a very confident experience with 425 Fitness.  So I’ll list some of the things I like about it, followed by a few relatively minor drawbacks.

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  1. A wide variety of well-maintained and clean equipment.  I have never had any issue finding an available cardio machine. Most cardio machines have individual TV screens.
  2. The gym is modern and airy, with an “open” feel and plenty of natural light.  It is also spotless.  Nothing’s dusty or dirty.
  3. Lovely locker rooms . . . touchpad lockers, steam room, sauna, plenty of shower stalls with privacy curtains and with soap and shampoo provided (and good water pressure), swimsuit-drying centrifuges.  And all kept clean.
  4. They provide large shower towels and more miniature hand towels.
  5. Nice mix of strength training equipment, inclusive of both free weights and machines.  All of it well-maintained.  And patrons generally do an excellent job re-racking weights, so the weights area is clean and uncluttered.
  6. Friendly staff; they usually give a pleasant smile and a welcome and will wish you well on your way out.
  7. They have well-qualified trainers, and I have done a few training sessions.
  8.  If you like to have your swim lane, you can usually make that happen if you have flexibility when you visit the gym.  I’ve noted when the pool tends to have availability but will not give those secrets away here :).
  9. I like the massage chairs at the front. You can use them for ten minutes daily.
  10. It’s a diverse clientele – young, old, male, female, big burly, muscular, skinny, and flabby.  But it’s a clientele that seems dedicated to their health and fitness and treats the gym and their fellow gym patrons respectfully (except for “drawback #2” below).  You won’t see kids running around as you do at ProClub or a YMCA.

A few drawbacks (but none that would dissuade me from joining):

  1. Parking can be tricky at peak hours – later afternoon/ early evening.  The entrance to/from 178th Pl can be a little dicey, especially when coming from the north, and you need to use the left-turn lane to enter 425, while northbound drivers on 178th are also using that same lane as they prepare to turn left onto Union Hill Road.  As a result, I often use the lesser-known driveway on the northeast side of the gym off Union Hill Road.
  2. As with any gym, there are inconsiderate patrons who, evidently lacking all self-awareness, will sit for an extended length of time on a piece of equipment with their noses buried in their phones.  I wish all gyms would make a bigger deal about discouraging this behaviour.  I know I can ask to “work in with them”, but that can be socially awkward.  It might help if gyms put out a few benches and sign them “phone use bench”.
  3. They seem to have more-than-expected “downtime” of the pools – the main pool, therapy pool, and hot tubs.  For a couple of months in late 2021/ early 2022, the main pool’s water heater seemed to be constantly failing.
  4. Although there is never a shortage of cardio machines, the weight machines can get crowded during peak hours.
  5. Some reviews have mentioned difficulties in cancelling memberships; I have no intention of withdrawing anytime soon, but I hope I won’t have trouble if that day comes.
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Visit Our Facility

425 fitness Redmond

Facility Hours

Monday – Thursday ( 5 am – 10 pm)

Friday ( 5 am – 9 pm)

Saturday – Sunday ( 6 am – 8 pm)

Facility Updates

  1. UPDATE 8/16: We are still experiencing cooler temperatures in the lap pool. We have got out to our vendors, and due to high demand, we are seeing longer turnaround times for repairs. Since this is a warranty item, we need to wait for technicians who are planned to be here later next week. I appreciate your patience.
  2. 8/19: The WLR steam room is down. The boiler is being evaluated for repair/replacement. We hope to have the area operational soon.

425 Fitness will, like most any gym, make you aware that they have training sessions and do a little marketing of them, but they do not do an obnoxious hard sell on it, and trainers won’t try to make you feel guilty if you do not re-up after your “package” of sessions runs out.

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